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Wilson is one of the most trusted brands in the world of tennis today. It is one among the best rackets used by some of the top players in the tennis circuits today. The company has a history that follows its name. It was founded by Les and was initially termed as the Ashland Manufacturing Company, back in the 1913 to build something from animal by-products taken from different slaughterhouses. Later, in 1915 the company appointed Thomas E. Wilson as the president and it started producing racket strings, violin strings, surgical instruments and more. It is headquartered at Chicago in the United States of America and has surely come a long way since its foundation.

What Makes Wilson So Unique?

Wilson is a one of the leading manufacturers of tennis rackets. Not just tennis rackets, but Wilson also manufactures some of the highly renowned and durable tennis products, such as tennis balls, strings, shoes, apparel, racket bags, and more. Some of the major players in the tennis arena use the Wilson blades and have really found them to be useful. Players who have used these rackets to win major tournaments are: Pete Sampras, who used the original kevlar Pro Staff model racket of Wilson to win so many grand slams, Roger Federer also used the identical racket model. Some of the other prolific players who have used Wilson rackets are Stefan Edberg, Jim Courier, and so on. Apart from them, Juan Martin Del Porto also uses these rackets. Just like these professionals, you can also level up your game and take the professionalism of your practice sessions to a whole new level. If you interested in these rackets, you can either order online from our Wilson Store. You can find a whole range of tennis accessories and other products related to them from our Wilson Tennis Store, all under one roof. So, you don’t need to keep hopping from shop to shop to look for what you need but instead find everything in one place only. Wilson also makes equipment for other sports like badminton, football, baseball, and so on. It is considered as complete sports accessories brands that know how to rise above the crowd of its competitors by producing class apart and durable sports accessories. Today, the company is highly renowned for its quality and is considered a crowd-favorite of many!

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