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Court equipment

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Court Equipment for Any Surface

You can get all the tennis court equipment you need here at Tennis-Point. Whether you are searching for court equipment and accessories for your club or your own court in the garden – you will find a huge selection of tennis court equipment in our tennis online shop. From tennis nets and accessories to tennis lines to tennis court maintenance tools, we provide you with whatever you need to keep your tennis court in a good condition. Equipped and maintained like that, your courts will be all the more inviting to tennis players. Furthermore, you can find lots of other useful or necessary items for a proper tennis court in our online shop, such as tennis scoreboards, windscreens and other court accessories. This way, your tennis courts are not just fit for friendly club matches but also ready for official tournaments and competitions.


Huge Choice of Tennis Court Equipment & Accessories

In order to have a little rest during change-over, tennis players need something to sit on, of course. Here, at your trusted tennis online shop, we have a nice selection of tennis benches and umpire chairs to make your court complete. There are lots more court accessories to discover in our online shop that help you create a tennis court leaving nothing to wish for. You can find court equipment from renowned manufacturers, such as HEAD, Tegra or our own Tennis-Point brand. If your order is worth more than 150 €, we will deliver your court equipment for free, and with our 30 days money-back guarantee, there is no risk involved for you. Enjoy browsing through our large range of tennis court equipment and accessories and get the tennis court you have always wanted!