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Padel bags

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Discover a Wide Selection of Padel Bags at Tennis-Point

When playing padel, you need to bring several equipment pieces to the court. Hence, there is no way around a robust, practical padel bag––and Tennis-Point will provide you with just the right model for your demands. We offer padel bags for women, men and kids, and many unisex models. Casual or pro players, we are stocked well enough to treat padel players with just the right bag to keep their padel stuff in order.

Padel Bags by all Famous Brands

Are you on the search for a padel racket bag, backpack, and padel sports bag? No need to look any further. Here, at Tennis-Point, we offer padel bags by world-famous sports brands such as Babolat and HEAD, as well as models from padel specialists like NOX and Royal Padel. Here, you can find some of the brands we have padel bags in stock from:

Padel Bags in all Colours, Forms and Sizes

Looks matter. Hence, Tennis-Point offers padel bags in different colours and designs. At the same time, form and function go hand-in-hand, as you need to have enough space for your padel rackets, shoes, and clothing. Then, again, it depends, how many items you need to transport to the padel court. That is why there are smaller padel bags for one to two rackets and essential garments, as well as larger models, with which you can bring along a whole bunch of rackets and padel items––plus, there are those practical padel backpacks.

Padel racket bags are shaped like a racket and, therefore, the best solution to pack your most important equipment items, as well as other accessories. Especially since they usually have several side pockets also to store padel balls, clothing, shoes.

Our Advice: Use Spacious Padel Bags for Different Occasions

Traditional sports bags that offer room for padel rackets, as well as other padel equipment, grant you lots of space. Plus, you can use them for other sports and occasions, for example, travel. That is particularly handy for those who play different sports and don't want to buy several bags.

Protect your Back with Padel Backpacks for Women, Men and Kids

If you like to use your bike or public transport to get to the padel court, a padel backpack may be the perfect choice for you. That way, you carry your padel equipment on your back instead of in a bulky bag. What's more, those handy backpacks have a separate compartment for two rackets, and additionally, carry your shoes and clothing. They also offer little side pockets for your other belongings. 

Kids and adolescents especially prefer those convenient padel backpacks––and even sports scientists recommend them, as they distribute the weight evenly on both shoulders, while the high-quality shoulder straps add comfort around the shoulders and back. That way, a padel backpack helps prevent back problems and too much strain on the arms.

High Comfort with Ergonomic Back Padding

To ensure your padel bag, be it a bag or a backpack, offers as much comfort as possible, the carrying straps need to be wide so that they don't cut into your shoulders on your way to the padel court. Also, make sure the back padding is shaped ergonomically and adjustable. That way, you can tailor the bag to any body size. Another plus: thanks to smart, hidden zipper pockets, padel bags allow you to store jewellery, keys and your smartphone securely.

Padel Racket Bags with Shoe Compartment

High-quality padel bags consist of durable, water-resistant materials so that your padel equipment remains dry even when it is raining. We especially recommend models with a shoe compartment, allowing you to store your shoes separately from your clothing. Also, consider a bag with a wet-compartment for your towel and garments after the match.

As padel bags are supposed to meet the sport's demands, they need paddings to protect the rackets. However, it is not only about stability. You also want to protect your padel racket from too much heat. Hence, specific padel tournament bags have thermo-coated compartments and weather-resistant materials. 

Padel Bags: the most Important Purchase Criteria

Different padel players, different demands. However, certain criteria are universal, so we have outlined the most important ones to help you find your preferred model:

  • Several side compartments for padel items
  • Wide, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hidden pockets for small belongings
  • Durable, water-resistant materials
  • Shoe compartment
  • Heat protection with thermo-coating
  • Wet-compartment for moist padel clothing

Order Padel Bags in Beautiful Designs and Colours

Thanks to the wide selection, you are sure to find your new padel bag in our online shop––and since form is almost as important as function, you will discover great designs and colours. We have multi-coloured, as well as monochrome padel bags. Hence, at Tennis-Point, you will find just the right bag to pack your padel equipment.

And still, if the one you ordered doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it to us thanks to our 100-days money-back guarantee. Just order from home, and as soon as we have received your payment, we will ship your padel bag. Now we wish you lots of fun browsing our online shop for your new padel bag.