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Get Racket Accessories and Make your Racket an Allrounder

Want to treat yourself with a new racket? Then our shop is the place to look. There, you will find current models of all famous brands at fair rates. But don’t stop there. Using the right accessories, you can individualise your racket and tailor it to your preference – playing and style wise. In the end, that is what the pros on the tour do. They usually play one of their outfitter’s premium models, however, with a slight twist. Usually, players tailor those rackets to their specific preferences. This goes for optics as well as for performance.

Many pro players, for example, change their racket’s overall weight by adding additional weights. That way, they gain more power and precision than would ever be possible with a regular frame. When it comes to the grip, players also keep fine-tuning until they have found just the proper setup – and thanks to our racket accessories, you can now turn your racket into a unique item as well. Undoubtedly, doing so will add a personal note to your on-court appearance. At the same time, aimed tweaks will have a positive impact on your game.

Which of my Rackets Features Can I Tweak with Accessories?

  • The stringing’s cushioning properties
  • The racket head’s weight
  • Grip strength
  • The strings’ durability
  • The racket’s optics
  • Protection for the frame

Racket Accessories from Tennis-Point to Start your very own Racket Studio


With the right accessories, you turn your racket into the striker you have always dreamed of. Add a little care, plus the right tweaks, and you will lead your game just in the direction you aim for. Read here, which accessories you can choose from and how they work:

Lead tape helps you add weight to your frame on certain spots. Thereby, you can, for example, enhance your swinging weight, which leads to quicker, more accurate hits. Alternatively, you can tweak your racket’s balance or add torsional stiffness to your frame. 

“Elasto cross” refers to little synthetic crosses that can be placed where the strings cross each other, preferably around the sweet spot – the racket head’s centre. Those little crosses gained popularity when most players used to apply natural gut stringings because they prevented the strings from scrubbing against each other, which reduced wear and tear. However, with synthetic strings, that is hardly necessary anymore. Yet, thanks to their rough edges, elasto crosses cut deeper into the ball’s felt, which allows for more spin.

Some players cannot imagine playing without dampeners. However, others do not even know those little, colourful string inlays exist. Either way, dampeners reduce oscillation and therefore alter the racket’s sound when hitting the ball. This often results in the full gong sound being transformed into a flat “plop,” a sound that many players perceive as more pleasant. By the way: according to the international tennis rule book, dampeners have to be affixed underneath the stringing’s final cross string at the bottom. Players who place it higher up, risk disqualification from official tournaments or matches.

During intense matches, you often have to dive for a ball that does not bounce too high off the ground. Some remain so low that your racket regularly hits the floor. If you carry on for a few weeks, even new racket heads look pretty battered. What is more, when you often play on clay, delicate grains of sand might find their way into the eyelets, which increases friction around the strings. To avoid this effect and shield the frame in general, we recommend frame protection. Like regular insulating tape, you affix it to the frame on top of the grommet in a “9 to 3 o’clock” position. There, it shields the racket’s top half from damaging.

The grommet drags around the racket head and is stuck through the frame’s drillings together with its eyelets. There, it spares the strings and makes it easier to thread the strings through the frame.

Using a grip pallet or tube, you can adjust your grip’s diameter; with a grip tube, you may enhance it by up to one grip strength. Just slip it over the grip, heat it with a blow dryer, then let it cool off. As the final step, you attach the grip tape, and, just like that, you are the proud owner of a racket with a grip that fits you perfectly.

Besides those above, our accessory range offers many more tools for your tennis racket. Enjoy browsing!