Polyfibre Tennis Online Store

A breakthrough in the field of string technology, Polyfibre is one of the most relied upon German brands of the day. With the radical designs of its strings, accessories and the best quality of the material it uses, this brand has become a well-deserved leading supplier of strings in the sports sphere. Friedhold Stahlheber is a key figure, sharing the credits of this successful brand with his dedicated efforts. The manufacturing of the wonderful Polyfiber products is carried out in Germany itself. This brand is presently in partnership with the tennis excellence center in Sweden and the development, testing and improved designing of the tennis products is the result of collaborative efforts of the brand with Stefan Edberg and Carl Hageskoog. The always improving standards and advancing the promise of high performance make Polyfibre a loved string producer of our times.

Polyfiber and its Exclusivity

Among so many other bands in the string technology industry, Polyfibre is leaving its mark with the outstanding quality of its strings. All the brand tennis products are fashioned with well thought-out designs and the brand leaves no stone unturned for making sure of the high quality and top-performance of each string. The strings from Polyfibre tennis store are perfected for giving you a great tennis experience with their excellent strength and elasticity. The balance of the impact handling and energized responses they provide, adds a powerful boost to your performance. The Polyfibre strings provide you with a great playability and the careful shape of the string allows you an amazing control with the ball in every shot.

Along with the competitive qualities, the extensive range of products from Polyfibre is known best for the unparalleled ease they offer to the players. All the tennis enthusiasts identify Polyfibre for the matchless arm-friendliness and superior reliance its stringing tension extends. These strings come in over 30 varieties and assure you excellent reliability, stability and dynamism in your performance. Both the high-performance strings and the range of accessories from the brand have made it a grand hit amongst the sports fraternity. Polyfibre online store is a great destination for all strings-sports lovers to find the most advanced and powerful aid for their court performances. You can trust the quality of strings to energize your game like no other.

Your Polyfibre Tennis Products Are Now Online

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