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Grass court shoes

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Grass Court Shoes for Tennis' most Special Surface

When picturing those deep green grass courts, the tennis world thinks about one place in particular: Wimbledon. There, in the heart of London, the legendary All England Club hosts the world's eldest tennis tournament. Every year, tennis enthusiasts experience the most unique grand slam on TV or in the stands, plus some quirky traditions. However, amateur and hobby players hardly play on grass court. Nevertheless, there are tennis shoes, particularly for grass courts. And for a good reason: grass courts wear differently on feet and legs than clay or hard courts.

Hence, if you play on lawn every now and then, you need to put on grass court shoes. They help you raise your game to another level while preventing injuries. As nice as they might look, as legendary as they might be, grass courts are tricky. Slipping is a real danger, especially if you have put on the wrong kind of shoes. However, thanks to the Tennis-Point online shop, you will find just the right pair to experience stability and successfully enjoy your days on that beautiful green surface.

Stability Matters most with Grass Court Shoes

In tennis, the surface is most crucial when it comes to picking the right kind of shoes – and every surface is different. Once chosen the proper pair of tennis shoes, they will provide you precisely with what you need to get the most out of your legs. That might be stability and robustness, sometimes cushioning and grip. This way, you will not only improve your feel for the game but, maybe even more importantly, you will also prevent injuries effectively.


Generally, grass courts share certain features with clay: on both surfaces, you aim for controlled glides and firm grip. Since the ball accelerates more after bouncing, the game on grass might be quicker, but on lawn, you just as much slide into your strokes; a style, especially experienced players like to play. For that reason, grass court shoes mostly rely on herringbone or sole profiles that are similarly grippy. The difference compared to clay court shoes: the profile is less thick. Also, numerous nubs enhance the grip the outsole provides on the slippery surface.

Wimbledon Raises the Popularity of Green Tennis Courts and Grass Court Shoes

Lawn has almost become synonymous with the pro tour's annual grand slam tournament at Wimbledon. It is a place where legends are made. 1985, for example, Boris Becker turned heads lastingly: back then, teenagers usually did not win on the biggest stage, even more so if they were unseeded. Being 17 years of age, Becker ticked both boxes but went on to win at Wimbledon as the first German, plus the youngest player ever. Almost overnight, tennis generated never-seen-before buzz in Germany. Boris Becker himself also carried on and won two more titles at Wimbledon during his career – and Steffi Graf, who won the tournament seven times, added tremendously to Germany's tennis boom. To this day, Wimbledon has preserved its unique, sometimes a bit old-fashioned character. Probably everybody agrees that the tournament stands out, which is also due to the influence of those world-famous, well-groomed grass courts.

By the way: to be able to slide into the ball on lawn requires a lot of practice, which is why we would rather recommend it to players with excellent body control. Grass court shoes might support body control in many situations; however, grip and stability remain considerably lower on grass than clay. Hence, if you play on lawn, in addition to the right kind of shoes, you need to play carefully. Better aim for a cautious approach, especially if you are new to grass courts.

Buying Grass Court Shoes Online at Tennis-Point

Parallel to Wimbledon's rise in popularity rose the demand for tennis clothing and tennis bags as well as for tennis shoes designed explicitly for grass courts. Many fans were poised to pick up the racket themselves to emulate their idols. Even years after Steffi Graf and Boris Becker have retired, grass courts might still be an exception; however, that does not mean that you have to do without the right pair of shoes if you would like to try out tennis' probably most prestigious surface.

To find just the pair that suits you, at Tennis-Point, you choose from a wide range of high-quality grass court shoes. Moreover, you benefit from quick delivery times and easy returns if your new shoes should not fit. Additionally, our online shop offers carpetcasual, and all court shoes.