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BIDI BADU is a sports brand - but different. Inspired by a magical lifestyle, a little crazy, but always positive and authentic. BIDI BADU is like a spell that adds magic to the game - on and off the court.

Bidi Badu Paris Styles

The clay season has begun and Paris opens its doors for the next big tennis event. Our latest designs capture the timeless elegance of the tennis court.

A deep, rich black forms the background for golden speckles inspired by the flying ashes of the Claycourts in Paris.

This collection embodies the essence of tennis on this iconic surface - powerful, refined and yet full of passion for the sport.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Paris and conquer the courts with our Paris collection, which captures the beauty and grace of this unique tournament.
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It happened one night, after a work-out, when we were sitting together in what is probably the most beautiful beach bar on the Indian Ocean, the BIDI BADU Bar.

Surrounded by couples dancing to chilled music in the shallow water, we enjoyed the breathtaking view. Heated beach volleyball and soccer matches were in full swing, beach tennis balls flew like comets in the red sunset, while the sea washed away the joggers' footprints in the wet sand.

We found ourselves at the source of pure positive life energy. This feeling is exactly what we want to spread in the world.

BIDI BADU was born!

BIDI BADU takes the positive spirit and puts it into each of their magical styles. Designed for an active community with a unique outlook on life. BIDI BADU is always unexpected and different, embodying a new generation of sport and lifestyle.

Why BIDI BADU? Because your game deserves a name. Because BIDI BADU is always different.

It's difficult to describe what it means to be BIDI BADU - you have to experience it!


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  • Sockenähnliche Innenschuh Konstruktion
  • Widerstandsfähige Adiwear Außensohle
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  • Hervorragend gepolsterter Schaft
  • Speziell für Frauen entwickelt
  • Perfekte Balance zwischen Stabilität und Flexibilität
  • Bounce Pro Dämpfungssystem
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