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Padel balls

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Padel Balls by all Top-Brands

Just like in tennis, padel balls are essential to the sport. Whether you are a hobby or tournament player, the padel balls' quality influences your success tremendously. Hence, you need to make sure yours meet high demands for durability and playability.

In our Tennis-Point online shop, you will find padel balls by all renowned brands, such as HEAD, Wilson, and Babolat, and by padel specialist Bullpadel. Have a look at our quick overview:

For heated matches, we recommend our own Tennis-Point padel balls. Just pick between a three-pack of our premium model and a money-saving carton of 24 three-packs. Our premium padel balls stand out due to their longevity and their very durable, high-quality felt.

Padel Ball and Tennis Ball: that Tiny Difference

Where is the difference between padel and tennis balls? At first sight, there is not much to see: felt covers rubber. Also, padel balls are yellow as well. There are other colours; however, players exclusively use yellow balls at official tournaments.

Padel balls are made of a round rubber core covered by a felt layer from natural garments and a mix of natural and synthetic fibres. They are a little smaller than a tennis ball and, just like tennis tournament balls, filled with pressurised air. With the pressure being a little lower, padel balls are a little slower than their tennis pendants. You will easily spot the difference once you drop the two simultaneously. The padel ball will jump up less high.

Official Rules for Padel Balls

As padel's global umbrella organisation, the Federación Internacional de Pádel (FIP) has laid out an exact set of criteria padel balls have to meet to be allowed at official tournaments. Usually, manufacturers tell you whether it meets the FIP's criteria on a ball's box. Those rules determine a padel ball's size and weight, the internal pressure, and its jump characteristics:

  • Diametre: between 6.35 and 6.67 centimetres
  • Weight: between 56 and 59.4 grams
  • Internal pressure: between 4.6 and 5.2 kilograms per 2-54 square centimetres

If you drop a padel ball onto a hard surface from 2.54 metres, he is supposed to jump up to a height between 135 and 145 centimetres. However, the jumping characteristics are also subject to where you play. If a match takes place at least 1,290 metres above sea level, the ball is allowed to jump up between 121.92 and 135 centimetres. Most players won't be testing those details when preparing for their match. But rules are rules.

Order Padel Balls for every Playing Level Online

Our online shop for padel balls offers you a vast selection of high-quality models at fair rates. You can shop for balls for every playing level and any surface with us. That makes even more sense, as we recommend you to equip yourself with several different models so you will have the right one, no matter the situation. In our shop, you can buy tournament balls, as well as cheaper ones for training and hobby matches.

Browsing pays off: with our numerous deals, you are likely to get a good bargain. Plus, Tennis-Point offers fast deliveries, buyer protection, and a money-back guarantee. Now, we wish you a lot of fun browsing the world of padel balls and great success at your thrilling matches on the padel court.