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Improve your spin and power with Luxilon tennis strings

Luxilon may not be a household name like Wilson or Dunlop, but it is one of the go-to brands for people who are serious about tennis. That's because Luxilon is a master at engineering the kind of advanced filament fibres that are perfectly suited to serves, backhands and searing passing shots. Part of the Wilson family of sport brands, you can rely on Luxilon strings to deliver spin, power or durability, depending on how you play the game. When you do, you'll join plenty of tennis greats in stringing your racket with Luxilon products. The top ranks of the men's and women's game are crammed with Luxilon partners, including Roger Federer, Feliciano Lopez and Serena Williams. The thing is, you generally don't see their associations with Luxilon because they use Wilson rackets. But when a served ball leaves their racket at lightning speed, or a drop shot stops dead, leaving their opponent stranded, Luxilon tennis strings are often the reason.

Take your game forward with the right Luxilon strings

At Tennis-Point, you can purchase the full range of Luxilon tennis strings, enabling you to emulate the pros. Their strings vary from natural gut through to "original" polyester blends and Power Strings which feature a monofil construction and generate formidable speeds when struck correctly. If you're the kind of player who feels every vibration when you sweep through a top-spin shot, their Element strings could be ideal, with their extreme sensitivity and forgiving texture. But Luxilon's 4G strings go even further. Featuring the latest generation of filament engineering, these strings offer a blend of power and control, allowing players to generate maximum revs and to blast serves at rocket speeds. Whatever your style of play and skill level, there's a good chance that Luxilon tennis strings will do the job. You can choose 200m spools or 12m lengths, while the colours available vary from blue, green and white to dazzling gold. And a range of gauges is also on offer, from sensitive 1.2mm through to rugged 1.38mm gauge strings. In all cases, Tennis-Point offers an easy way to buy online at an affordable price. And our 30-day guarantee allows players to exchange their strings if they aren't totally satisfied.