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Dunlop Tennis balls

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Dunlop Tennis Balls: Top Quality for Every Surface 

The history of Dunlop began in 1888 when founder John Boyd Dunlop patented inflated tyres for racing bikes. Hence, it is no surprise he later used his knowledge of rubber, pneumatics and round shapes to develop tennis balls. In 1923, Dunlop presented its first tennis ball to the world––and basically started a movement. To this day, Dunlop ATP tennis balls are among the most popular on the global tennis circuit. A few years ago, for example, the iconic brand became the official ball partner of the Australian Open in Melbourne. 

Dunlop Tennisbälle

The wide range of Dunlop tennis balls in our Tennis-Point shop ensures every type of player is catered for. The legendary Dunlop “Fort” tennis ball, for example, gained countless fans all over the world due to its outstanding playability and above-average longevity. To figure out which type of tennis ball suits you best, testing and comparing a few different models is the best way forward. But note that it is not just about its playability “fresh out the can”, but also how the ball performs after several hours. 

What is the Difference Between the Various Types of Dunlop Tennis Balls? 

The most significant difference between tennis balls is the way they are manufactured. Dunlop pressureless balls are characterised by a thick and elastic rubber shell where they generate their bounce from. The big advantage is, the bouncing characteristics largely remain unchanged, even when you play the Dunlop pressureless ball for quite a while. Hence, many coaches prefer using this type of tennis ball, and they are also often the first choice when it comes to filling the ball machine. The only downsides are a slightly higher weight and less agile bouncing characteristics.

Dunlop pressurised tennis balls have a significantly thinner rubber shell and are filled with compressed air. They get their bounce from the compression when the ball hits the surface. Since the rubber shell is not completely airtight, the internal pressure slowly subsides, and the ball becomes a lot less dynamic after several hours of playing time. Despite their limited durability, only pressurised tennis balls are approved for tournaments, easy to recognise by the ITF-approved sticker on the packaging. Naturally, you can get ITF-approved Dunlop tennis balls here at Tennis-Point. 

Dunlop Tennisbälle

When playing with your clubmates and friends, pressurised tennis balls are generally the ideal choice. For Coaches who need quite a few to fill a whole ball bucket or the ball machine, we recommend using pressureless balls.

Discover our Large Selection of Dunlop Tennis Balls & Order Online 

As one of the most renowned manufacturers of tennis balls, Dunlop is represented with a large selection in our online shop. Apart from Dunlop ATP tennis balls approved for tournaments, you can also find the more affordable Dunlop practice balls here at Tennis-Point. And, of course, Dunlop tennis balls for kids. These are a bit bigger and softer, which makes them ideal for beginners. On top, there are giant balls by Dunlop for a bit of extra fun or as an ornament.