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Björn Borg Tennis Online Store

Björn Borg is a former renowned tennis player from the heart of Sweden, who was once considered as number one in the game. He has been widely considered as one of the most prolific players in the tennis history. Between the years 1974 and 1981 he became the first male professional tennis player to bag eleven grand slam titles to his name. It has also opened new markets in Germany and the United Kingdom. WBM was founded in 1997 and has an exclusive trademark license for the name Björn Borg, which gives them the rights to produce, market, and sell Björn Borg products in all countries. Their main products are underclothes, shoes, perfume, and more.

What makes Björn Borg so unique?

Björn Borg is a huge name in the world of tennis and his name has been trademarked to produce some of the most fashionable products of today. This company is known to produce some of the finest shoes and underclothes used in tennis and elsewhere among other things. It is a well-known brand today and has managed to capture the markets in many places of the world.

What sets Björn Borg apart from other tennis brands of its class is that it is one of the few original brands that have been founded by a prolific tennis player. It is assumed that because of the same reasons the brand thinks from the perspective of a tennis player and not from the manufacturer’s or a retailer’s end in coming up with just commercial stuffs. In order to truly impart something unique and different to all the tennis enthusiasts around the globe, Bjorn Borg walks that extra mile and always brings something genuine and authentic to please their customers. You don’t simply buy a Björn Borg product, you buy an experience that you take with you along the tennis court to game up your practice sessions, resulting in a great and memorable game play every time that stays with you in the long run.

Till date, Björn Borg remains and sells some of the most fashionable sports shoes, underclothes, purses, glasses and perfumes all over the world. The Björn Borg Tennis Store houses all that you have been looking for, for all these years. It is really good to see so many products housed in one roof here under the brand Björn Borg.

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