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Tourna Tennis strings

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Tourna Tennis Strings for More Spin, Control & Durability

Apart from your tennis racket, the stringing is probably the most important item of tennis equipment, as the former will not get you far on the tennis court – no matter how good it may be – if you use worn down strings. Thus, it is best to provide your racket with a new stringing as often per year as you play per week. Since even the strings of less used tennis rackets loose elasticity and vigour over time, make sure you get new strings at least twice a year – and definitely consider Tourna, for the brand offers the perfect strings for your racket. They offer different playing qualities so that every type of player will find the stringing suited for their game with the German tennis brand.

Tourna Saiten

Apart from high-quality tennis strings, Tourna produces grip tapes and different tennis accessories. The brand stands out thanks to high-quality and innovative products that meet tennis players’ highest standards. It is not without reason that many pros and hobby players trust Tourna. Pete Sampras, for example, has won every single one of his 14 Grand Slam titles using Tourna products. Also, former WTA number one Karolina Pliskova, as well as many more ATP and WTA players, rely on Tourna’s first-class strings, which could also become your perfect on-court partner.

Tennis Strings by Tourna for Every Playing Level

Most Tourna tennis strings are monofil, made of synthetic fibres like (co-)polyester, and work for beginners as well as for club and tour players. If you pick Tourna tennis strings with a slick finish, you can also use them like hybrid tennis strings. Thanks to their high quality and finely tuned playing properties, Tourna strings often finish among the best in tests. When browsing our online shop, you will find Tourna tennis strings with the following characteristics:

  • Spin – more rotation for your topspins
  • Control – greatly improved control properties
  • Durability – a lot less wear and tear

Of course, some of Tourna’s stringing combine several of those qualities mentioned above. Hence, you can pick models that unite excellent ball control with high comfort and durability – or you go for Tourna tennis strings that facilitate your spins and slices while allowing for maximum control. Whatever level you are playing on, whichever style you prefer: the German brand will equip you with the right type of stringing.

Tourna Tennis Strings at Top Prices

Tourna Saiten

When browsing our online tennis shop, you pick from a vast range of Tourna tennis strings at incredible rates. Especially if you scan it for our great deals to not miss out on a bargain. Also, be aware that you can buy Tourna strings with different gauges in our shop, ranging from 1.25 to 1.30 millimetres in diameter. Thinner models usually provide a better playing feel; thicker ones are more durable and improve ball control. 

Additionally, you can either buy Tourna string reels or string sets. The former will save you money mid-term and give you the calming feeling of having your favourite type of strings at hand any time you need to string your rackets. Plus, there are no shipping fees for orders over 150 euros, and thanks to our 30 days money-back guarantee, you are not taking any risk. We at Tennis-Point hope you enjoy looking for your new tennis strings by Tourna and trying them on the court.