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TOOLZ: Versatile Tennis Training Made Easy

Tennis coaches love the versatile teaching tools made by TOOLZ, as they allow you to enrich your tennis training with various exercises to train coordination, strength, and endurance playfully. TOOLZ’s wide selection of teaching tools includes agility ladders, marking cones, medicine balls, and training hurdles.

Additionally, TOOLZ offers a vast range of fitness accessories such as exercise balls, weighted cuffs to strengthen your leg and arm muscles or push-up bars. In the end, with TOOLZ’s versatile workout equipment, even those will enjoy endurance and strength training who usually shy away from these kinds of workouts. TOOLZ also provides you with markers, marking lines, and kids nets that work perfectly for „Play & Stay“ training sessions. Plus, the brand’s products offer badminton players numerous ways to design their workouts.

Vast Selection of TOOLZ Fitness Accessories

Here, at Tennis-Point, you find every product by the training expert you can think of. However, the fitness accessories and coaching equipment do not exclusively help tennis coaches; players can just as much use them to work on their conditioning, coordination, and strength individually. That way, you will gain an advantage, especially during longer matches, that may help you be more successful.

Once you have picked your TOOLZ training equipment in our shop, you benefit from fair rates, maybe even from our frequent sale offers. Thanks to our 100-days money-back guarantee, you can also test TOOLZ fitness accessories at home before you finally make up your mind. Plus, there are no shipping costs for orders over 79 €! Now, we hope you enjoy browsing.