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Babolat Tennis balls

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Babolat Tennis Balls: Superb Quality for all Surfaces 

Babolat is one of the first companies ever to specialise in tennis equipment. Back in 1874, founder Pierre Babolat developed natural gut tennis strings that took the tennis world by storm and became famous around the world over the 20th century. It took more than a century, but in 2001, finally, Babolat introduced its first tennis ball. Thus, the label covers another essential segment of tennis gear, adding to the prolific range of Babolat tennis rackets and Babolat tennis shoes.

Babolat tennis balls are available in various categories. Firstly, there are Babolat regular tennis balls, the “normal” pressurised tennis balls. Secondly, the product range includes so-called ITF approved tennis balls by Babolat, which are allowed in official tournaments. Then you have Babolat pressureless tennis balls that are mainly used in training. Last but not least, you can also find Babolat practice tennis balls and tennis balls, particularly for kids in line with the ITF’s Play & Stay concept. Discover the whole range of Babolat tennis balls at Tennis-Point and stock up on these superb game devices.

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What’s the Difference Between the Babolat Tennis Ball Categories? 

Generally, there are two types of tennis balls. Pressureless balls consist of a solid rubber shell that provides them with bounce, contrary to the much more delicate regular tennis balls, which generate it from the pressurised air they are filled with. These tennis balls are more dynamic than pressureless balls, but they lose their playing characteristics quicker, too. 

Generally, tournaments are played with Babolat pressurised tennis balls, and most experienced players almost exclusively use them. Pressureless balls, on the other hand, are the first choice for most coaches because the bouncing capabilities stay relatively stable. Hence, they can be used for quite some time before the felt covering wears out, as it does with pressurised balls.

The thinner the felt, the less it slows down the Babolat tennis ball, reducing its playability. A thick felt layer also allows for better ball control because the felt digs into the strings when it touches the hitting surface of the racket, which accelerates the ball more evenly.

Babolat Tennisbälle

Find Your Ideal Babolat Tennis Ball & Order Online 

Basically, if you want to have fun on the court, Babolat tennis balls are as essential a part of that as a well-strung racket with the right weight and grip size. Nevertheless, many tennis players don’t pay enough attention to this detail and change tennis balls not nearly often enough. When, for example, the internal pressure of Babolat tennis balls has decreased substantially, that affects the bounce and makes playing the ball more tedious because it hardly accelerates and won’t bounce high enough anymore.

Depending on the type of ball, you should change your Babolat tennis balls after five to eight hours of playing time. Babolat pressureless tennis balls are especially recommended if you, as a coach, need to fill a whole ball bucket or the ball machine. The advantage of this type of tennis ball is that its bouncing properties hardly change, plus they usually are cheaper than pressurised Babolat tennis balls. When it comes to buying Babolat tennis balls, one simple rule applies: premium products tournament players would buy might bring maximum performance, yet they often are a bit more expensive.

The best method to find your personal favourite is to try a few different Babolat tennis balls. At Tennis-Point, you benefit from our fast delivery, so you can serve with your new Babolat tennis balls within just a few days––no matter what your preferred surface might be.