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Stock up on high-quality tennis balls from Tennis-Point

As any experienced tennis player will tell you, there's a massive difference between cheap balls and the type used in professional competitions. But high-quality brands aren't just for the pros. They can also have a huge impact on the practice sessions and knock-about games of even amateur enthusiasts. At Tennis-Point, we know the game's equipment inside out, and we've put together a selection of tennis balls that will guarantee maximum spin and a solid connection every time. If you need a large batch for practice, you can buy online in bulk and have all of the tools you need to sharpen up your technique. And if you are buying for a competition, you can cover every eventuality with affordable ITF-approved equipment that would make the grade at Flushing Meadows or Wimbledon.

Buy online and be ready for your next match

If you haven't dived into the world of tennis balls, you might be surprised by how much variety there is on offer. For example, our collection includes what are known as "pressureless" balls. These varieties aren't pressurised inside the can, so they lack the intense bounciness of ITF-approved types, but they tend to last longer, so they are often favoured as a practice ball. Then there are "play and stay" varieties. This kind of ball is ideal for people who are new to the game of tennis because they tend to move more slowly off the racket. So, if you need to buy online for an aspiring junior or you are starting out yourself, they could be ideal. At the same time, Tennis-Point also offer pressurised professional-style options, as well as standard varieties which occupy the middle ground. And you can even get hold of jumbo designs - the ideal way to collect autographs the next time you head to a tour event.

Pick tennis balls from the biggest brands in the sport

Whatever type of tennis balls you are looking for, we can guarantee that your favourite brand is represented in the Tennis-Point range. If you want to play like the pros, you can choose between legendary brands like Wilson, Head, Babolat and Dunlop. You can also go for our own branded products, including handy 72-ball buckets which will be perfect for practice sessions and teaching professionals. Whether you need the finest balls in the game or you just want to stock up on generic varieties to hone your skills, our product range covers everything players could need. So have a look around and buy online today. All of the biggest names are available at an affordable price, so there's no excuse for not having the equipment you need to take your game to another level.