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Luxilon Tennis Online Store

Luxilon is one of the most reputed and dearly loved names in the sports equipment industry today. With the finest possible quality of its products, this brand tops the charts as the leading producer of tennis strings. It was founded half a century ago in 1959. The Luxilon Industries in Antwerp, Belgium thrived with its unbeatable comprehension of the filament technology. The name comes with the combination of ‘Luxury’ and ‘Nylon’ and this brand has proved to be just the extravagance in the sports sphere with its unique innovative ideas that revolutionized strings in sports as we know it.

What Makes Luxilon So Exclusive!

Luxilon is undoubtedly one of most popular strings producer of the industry. The entire tennis fraternity, right from the rising newbie to the pros, put their trust in the unparalleled quality and performance of these strings. The manufacturing process of these strings was developed greatly when Luxilon obtained as ISO 9001 certificate in 1994. Since then, there is no match for the advanced range of its products in the cutthroat competition in the sports equipment industry. The extensive market network of the brand runs worldwide and a huge chain of agents takes care of the business from all the popular Luxilon online stores.

The 4G and ALU lines are one of the products enjoying great craze in the tennis world today. The brand engages 20% of its workforce in intensive activities of research and development to provide you with only the best tennis equipment. All its strings are manufactured from the hi-tech fibers, bested in their designs and structures with the cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering techniques. The quality of the strings in our Luxilon tennis store is so fine that it has become a quality standard in practical use. It invests multi-millions in the programs to produce improved and competent high-performance products with a unique statement. Luxilon follows a total quality management and statistic process control to check the high standards of its manufacturing. The super ease of use, incredible strength, tension, elasticity and playability of its strings makes this brand just the brand for all the true tennis enthusiasts.

Grab Your Luxilon Tennis Products Online

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