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Roger Federer

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Know your Star: Roger Federer

Born on August 8th, 1981, this Swiss tennis pro excited the entire world with his one of a kind zeal and dedicated enthusiasm for his passion. Topping the current ranks of the Association of Tennis Professionals as world No. 3, Roger Federer undoubtedly counts amongst the greatest players of all time. He turned pro in 1998 and has stayed in the top 10s since the October of 2002. He has scored many laurels and awards in his amazing and richly fruitful career. In fact, he has given us some phenomenal record-breaking performances. His world No. 1 position for 310 weeks, 20 deservingly earned Grand Slam singles titles, a fascinating record of making it to the Grand Slam final and Wimbledon’s for ten times, are only a few to name. His name shines bright with the prestige Olympic medals and his is an unbeatable grand success story of our times for sure.

The Wonderful Roger Federer Tennis Products

Coached superbly by the expertise of Severin Luthi, he has developed an individualistic style on the court, but the selection of his equipment and accessories is as fascinating as his Roger Federer tennis player style. This champ is known to support only the finest on the court and surely knows how to fuel his performance best with the perfect choice of shoes and clothing. Roger Federer currently uses the Wilson Prostaff RF97 Autograph, fueling his play with perfection. Pro Staff 6.1 90 BLX was one of the racquets our champion has favored on court. He believes that the type of the string of his racquets not only depends on just the surface but also on several factors like the kind of ball and even the weather the game is set for.

This remarkable player also leads amongst the highest-earning athletes of the day; the second on Forbes World’s Highest Paid Athletes list, and a great part of it comes from his endorsements. Uniqlo, Lindt, Gillette, Rolex, Jura Elektroapparate, and Wilson are only a few of the many brands associated with him, and the extension of his Mercedes-Benz endorsement into a partnership deal of a global level was a grand news..

Find Your Roger Federer Store

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