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Borna Coric

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An Introduction to Your Favorite Borna Coric

Born on 27 July 2015, Borna Coric is a very talented professional tennis player from Croatia who plays for his country with great pride and blows the mind of all his worldwide spectators with the lively spirit of his vigorous presence on the courts and the challenging enthusiasm of his performances. Still very young, just nineteen years of age, he has been a pro since 2013 and puts in all his best efforts to give us a phenomenal show. He is presently ranked as the world No. 44 in the singles and has made it to the world No.33 as the highest ranking of his career in singles, which he achieved in the November of 2015. The highest of his ranking in the doubles is the position of world No. 560 that he achieved in the October of 2014. His unique Borna Coric tennis player style has made him one of the youngest players in the top 100 world rankings and shows us a great promise of coming up even stronger in the coming time. He has tried his skills on all four of the sacred tennis grounds, the US Open in 2014 and the Australian Open, the French Open, and the Wimbledon in 2015. He trains hard with Coach Zeljko Krajan and is sure to give all the tennis lovers of the world many phenomenal future performances.

Borna Coric Tennis Products to Check Out

He is a young talent in the world of tennis who is thriving with his determination and love for the game. The strength and power of his performance comes both from his dedicated training for polishing his skills and from the judicious use of all the elements of the match to his favor. This is made easy by the right selection of equipment and accessories that suit his style perfectly. Right from his strong suits to the tiniest weakness shown by the opponent he is teamed up against, could be the opportunity to make a great difference in deciding the victory. When it comes to the quality of his rackets, our young champion trusts the fine VCore Tour F 97 model from the tournament range of Yonex and uses it to fuel all his shots with power and energy. The comfort of his on-court presence comes from the amazing range of clothing extended by Nike and he wears the power packed shoes from the same brand to support the agility of his movements during the match. He is keen, well-aimed, and has given the entire tennis fraternity great hopes for his fruitful career.

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