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Völkl Tennis Online Store

Considered as one of the most popular brands in tennis, Völkl demands respect of one and all. They are known to produce some of the finest tennis rackets and accessories in this world. Founded in 1923 by George Völkl, in Straubing, Germany, a Bavarian town about one and a half hour's drive northeast of Munich; it produces some of the finest tennis rackets in this world.

What makes Völkl unique?

Völkl Tennis has a varied history to its name. The company initially started making coaches, but in 1972, the company exploded into the tennis market with the introduction of the Zebra. The Zebra was the first full-composite tennis racket to ever hit the courts. Völkl technology has been present on the courts and in the hands of championship players for the past 30 years. Known for its forgiving response from the string bed, a moderate swing speed to achieve deep and aggressive hitting, making this an ideal choice for either the beginner or for the advanced power player.

Some of the players who have used Völkl rackets and have gone on to win many games and grand slams are John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Radek Stepanek, Petr Korda and Martina Hingis. Now retired, Boris Becker, the renowned German tennis player is known to help establish Völkl as a legitimate option in the tennis racquet market. Over the years Völkl has introduced a number of different advanced in racket technology including their highly advanced Bio Sensor, an active vibration dampening system in the handle of their rackets. You can get your favorite rackets online or get them from the nearest Völkl store.

The Völkl Tennis Store should be your destination, if you arelooking for some really great tennis rackets and accessories. There you can find anything related to the game which interests you. It doesn’t matter if you are just commencing your journey with tennis or would like to level up your game, step into a Völkl store and be prepared to have a thrilling and enchanting experience. They have a huge range of different tennis related products and accessories that will help you bring a new edge to your game. A perfect option to present someone, the company has some really interesting tennis accessories that will surely be your favorite in no time!

Get Völkl Tennis Products

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Völkl Tennis Store

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