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Gamma Tennis balls

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Gamma Tennis Balls: Top Quality by Top Experts 

Gamma is a manufacturer of tennis equipment located in the US. For more than 40 years, the brand has built an excellent reputation among tennis players for its innovative products. Apart from first-class tennis strings, Gamma is known mainly for developing and producing professional tennis balls. Experience the unique combination of technology and materials yourself and order online at Tennis-Point. 

Gamma Tennisbälle

Which Gamma Tennis Balls Can I Get at Tennis-Point? 

At the Tennis-Point online shop, you will mainly find Gamma tennis balls for kids following the ITF’s Play & Stay concept. These are divided into the categories Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. Stage 3 Gamma tennis balls are for the youngest players. They are slightly lighter, bigger, and have 75 % less internal pressure than regular tennis balls. That means they are slower and don’t bounce as much as their “regular” counterparts, which considerably facilitates learning the basic techniques. What’s more, Gamma balls are also used in tournaments and competition matches of the under eight-year-olds. They are easy to spot by the red colouring of one half of the felt covering.

Stage 2 Gamma tennis balls are for slightly more advanced kids who have already learned the basics and are on a good way technically. These Gamma balls are 50 % reduced in pressure, meaning they still are significantly slower and less bouncy than regular tennis balls. These are the official tennis balls for kids’ tournaments of the under-nines. 

Stage 1 Gamma tennis balls are for kids that are pretty close to playing under the same conditions as the adults. You can recognise them by a green dot on the felt. These tennis balls are only 25 % reduced in internal pressure and compulsory for official tournaments of that age group.

Does Gamma Also Make Tennis Balls for Adults? 

The range of Gamma tennis balls also includes ITF-approved balls fit for use in tournaments. Furthermore, there are Gamma pressureless tennis balls, ideal for tennis coaches, as well as various methodology balls for tennis lessons and academies. On top of tennis balls, you can find Gamma ball baskets that make collecting all your tennis balls for the next training session a lot easier.