Nike Vapor X Air Max 95

An icon with a new look for the court

You have waited longingly, now the extremely limited men's shoe model from Nike is finally here! Two decades ago, the Air Max 95 changed the world of footwear through a design with Air Max cushioning for the forefoot and an orientation to the human anatomy that no sneaker had before.

The design was based on the human body: The lacing system was inspired by the human ribcage, the outsole followed a spine design and the mesh and suede upper was inspired by muscle fibers.
To the Nike Vapor X AM95
Now the infamous lines and innovative lacing of the Air Max 95 come to the court with the NikeCourt Zoom Vapor X Air Max 95. Designed with the cushioning and traction of NikeCourt Vapor X, this shoe combines the light-footed performance you love with the dizzying look of the legendary Air Max.
Synthetic suede and breathable mesh have been redesigned to faithfully recreate the iconic look of the Nike Air Max 95. In addition, the innovative lacing system enables a secure and individual fit.

The Zoom-Air component in the heel area has a cushioning effect and enables responsive performance. Soft foam cushions every step.

The data-driven design ensures lasting traction along the outer edge of the sole for the best grip where you need it. In particularly low-wear areas the rubber has been removed so that the weight does not exceed the minimum.
To the Nike Vapor X AM95