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Be Inspired From Various Products Used By Mikhail Youzhny

It requires years of work and determination to be a professional tennis player. The game is certainly not that easy and you need to be better than yourself with every passing day to make your presence count. One such player who has certainly created a lot of buzz with his game is Mikhail Youzhny. Born on June 25, 1982, the Russian player has won plenty of titles and tournaments. Mikhail Youzhny currently resides in Moscow, where he was born. He turned pro back in 1999, and since then there was no stopping back. It was his determination and the right choices of accessories that made him earn such a prominent place in the sports.

The right-handed tennis player is 6 ft. tall and is coached by Boris Sobik, from 1999, which certainly speaks a lot about his consistency. Mikhail Youzhny tennis player reached his career-high back in 2010 when he was listed as the top 10 men tennis players, getting a rank of world number 8. He is considered as one of the best Russian tennis players and is famous for his nickname “Mischa”. He is also known to be one of the few active tennis players who have reached the quarterfinals of all the grand slams and uses the famous Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro Racket. If you would like to be like him, then get to know more about the products he use, at the Mikhail Youzhny store right here.

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Mikhail Youzhny Outfits

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