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Know You Star: Carina Witthoft

Born on 13 July 2015, Carina Witthoft is a brilliant professional tennis player from Germany who has made her mark amongst the hearts of the tennis enthusiasts from all across the world with the freshness and fearlessness reflected in her on-court presence and the challenging way in which she competes with her own self in every performance. He is presently ranked as the world No. 49 that she achieved in the August of 2015 in the singles, and the world No. 334 in the doubles, both of which are the highest of her career rankings till now. She has a crisp Carina Witthoft tennis player style that has earned her eleven ITF career titles in singles and an ITF career title in the doubles as well. She has been a pro since 2009 and the debut of her WTA tour came with the Swedish Open of 2012. She has tested her tennis skills on all the sacred grounds of the tennis world, the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open in 2015, and the Wimbledon in 2013 and 2015. Her precise and hard training under the expert guidance of Coach Gaby Witthoft and Coach Philipp Lang has brought out the shining prospects of her fruitful career apparent to all the spectators from across the world and has the entire tennis sphere waiting on many great performances from her.

Carina Witthoft Tennis Products and Their Indispensable Role in Tennis

She has a fierce and promising presence on the courts and always pushes herself to achieve more with each of her performance. The quality of the play and performance in a game like tennis comes only out of the perfect teaming of the skill of the player and the equipment and accessories he uses to present them during a match. Our star has a keen way of using even the tiniest opportunity that presents itself on the court and her readiness and flexibility during every performance is her strongest suit. It is very important to make a well thought-out selection of your aids like the rackets so that you can extend your instincts into action with an unbeatable efficiency. She wields a fine Graphene XT Instinct MP from the tournament range of HEAD and uses it to add an exciting energy to her shots. She takes full support of her shoes in adding her movements, and the comfort and confidence of her presence on the court come from the fabulous clothing from Nike. Power packed and determined to shine - the player will give us many phenomenal performances in the near future.

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