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An Insight to Your Favorite Tennis Star: Julia Gorges

A jubilant and powerful presence on the court, Julia Gorges is a brilliant German tennis player who plays for her country with great distinction and pride. Born on 2 November 1988, this twenty-seven years old tennis player shows great promise of a fruitful and successful career in the future. She has been a pro since 2005 and has always made her dedication and unmoving passion for the game clear with every performance of her. With two WTA and six ITF career titles in the singles and five WTA and six ITF titles in doubles, she still has a long way to go. With a strong potential in the singles, she has shown amazing potential in the manner of the doubles and holds her positions as the world No. 50 in the singles and world No. 35 in the doubles. The highest peak of her career has been the instances when she made it to the No. 15 world rank in the singles and the world No. 20 in doubles.

She has a unique Julia Gorges tennis player style, which she has wonderfully shown on all the four tennis sacred grounds – four times in the Australian Open, twice in the French and US Open, and five times in the Wimbledon. Training meticulously with her Coach Sascha Nensel, she is sure to thrill the tennis enthusiasts from across the globe with some unforgettable performances from her side.

Julia Gorges Tennis Products and How Important Role They Have in Tennis

Julia Gorges started her career off with the ITF Women’s Circuit in 2005 and has worked with all her best efforts to come from her first step in the tennis sphere to the success she has achieved in the world today. Tennis is one game where the fabulousness of your performances cannot come from your talent and skill alone, but you also need to find and tune just the perfect equipment and accessories with your playing style in order to bring out the best out of you. Everything from the comfort you feel in your shoes to how well the racquets serve as an extension of your instincts plays an irreplaceable role on the court. When it comes to choosing her picks, she has her clothing styled and sponsored by Fila and trusts on the world-class quality of the Pure Drive from the tournament range of Babolat to add that extra energy to all of her power-packed serves and shots during a match.

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